Review, Reteaching, Remediation for Civics EOCA Webinar

Good morning, friends. Our recent webinar is now available! It discussed some resources and tools that you can use for reteaching, remediation, and review. You can view it at the link below. All resources and tools discussed in the webinar are available at

FJCC New Teacher Webinar is Now Available

FJCC's recent webinar that provides an overview of the Civics EOCA is now available. This was intended for new teachers, and covers the content accordingly. Our next webinar, on review and remediation for the Civics EOCA, will be on March 29th.

National O'Connor Scholars Program

Good morning, friends of civics. We have come across an interesting opportunity and thought it might be of interest for your students! iCivics and the Aspen Institute are cosponsoring the National O’Connor Scholars Program. 11th or 12th grade students interested in the work of the Supreme Court, the life

NARA Civil Rights Webinar is Available!

So, good news everyone! The recent webinar we co-hosted with the National Archives is now available. You can access the webinar at this link. In this well-attended discussion, Kathleen Munn of NARA discusses primary source tools and resources that can be used to approach the Civil Rights within classroom discussion.

FJCC Webinar for New Civics Teachers!

The Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is excited to announce the first in a series of webinars targeting those who may be new to be teaching Civics here in Florida. In this ongoing series, we will be addressing issues of concern around content, pedagogy, assessment, and related areas as requested

National Archives: New Webinar Soon!

A few months ago, we were very happy to host for our friends at the National Archives a webinar around the cartoons of Clifford Berryman. Happily, we are excited to host the next one as well! On Wednesday, February 08, 2017, the National Archives will be providing a webinar that

"Teaching the Presidency in the Digital Age" Webinar!

I am happy to pass this along, as the Teaching for Democracy Alliance is simply fantastic. WEBINAR: Teaching the Presidency in the Digital Age Wednesday, January 11th 4pm ET/1pm PT The Teaching for Democracy Alliance is pleased to announce its first webinar of 2017 on the timely and important

Upcoming SOURCES Conference at UCF!

SOURCES Annual Conference University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida Saturday, January 14, 2017 The Teaching with Primary Sources Program at the University of Central Florida (TPS-UCF) will be hosting the third annual SOURCES Annual Conference at the University of Central Florida on Saturday, January 14, 2017. The SOURCES Annual Conference

Citrus Ridge Civics Academy Grand Opening

I apologize for the delay in posting. Here at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship, we have been swamped with work, and finding the time to write a few words has been tough, but I hope to get back on track! Let's start with some excellent news. As you are

National Archives Berryman Political Cartoons Webinar Now Up!

Good afternoon friends. Recently, we hosted our friends from the National Archives for a webinar involving the use of political cartoons in the classroom. It is now available! You can access the webinar here! Thank you to those that attended and we look forward to hosting another one soon.

The Role of Instruction in Civic Engagement

The Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is quite proud to be a member of Florida's Partnership for Civic Learning. One of the most promising research projects that the Partnership has undertaken is to explore the role of classroom experience in student civic participation. In other words, are students

Teaching Civics by Living History

One of the most exciting things for a social studies teacher is when they get to meet the people that they are teaching about. Recently, our friends in Leon County had this very opportunity. Guest Post by Peggy Renihan, FJCC Regional Programs Coordinator: The Leon County Schools Civics Teachers were

The Work of the FJCC

Data is, of course, what we in education are now obsessed with. Everything comes back to data. How are we doing? Let's look at the data. How have our kids grown? Lets look at the data. How effective are our teachers? Let's look at the data.

Teaching the Primaries and Caucuses Lesson Plan

In this height of the election season, we are all looking for ways in which we can approach instruction concerning the sometimes confusing primary and caucus process. Recognizing this, our own Dr. Terri Fine has crafted a 4 day lesson plan that provides students an opportunity to engage students in

Florida Middle School Civics EOCA Review Resources!

The Middle School Civics EOCA is just around the corner, and we have been asked about resources that might be useful in reviewing for the exam. So without further ado, here are some possibilities that could serve you well! I have personally reviewed each of these resources, and am comfortable

A Quick Look at 3 Ways to Analyze Pictures

As educators, we are always looking for new ways to approach our content and engage our students. A few weeks ago, the FJCC had the pleasure of providing professional development to teachers in Highlands County, a small rural county here in Florida very similar to where your humble blog host

PD on Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process

Our content specialist, Dr. Terri Fine, is a wonderful resource for teachers in this state and beyond on issues concerning civic education. However, Dr. Fine has also made it a priority to provide content-oriented professional development connected to history and foreign policy, particularly on modern Israel. She recommends the Institute

What is the FJCC Up To? :)

So, we recently had a Lou Frey Institute/Florida Joint Center for Citizenship staff meeting here at our office. It was two days of planning for the future, led by our inestimable director, Dr. Doug Dobson, and it was refreshing to sit down with the entire Lou Frey Institute/FJCC

What do we want in a social studies teacher?

Recently, the National Council for the Social Studies released its National Standards for the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers guidance document for public review. If you are a parent, pre-service social studies teacher or teacher educator, current or former teacher, or, honestly, simply an engaged citizen with a concern for

NCSS 2016 Annual Conference!

The National Council for the Social Studies 2016 Conference is in Washington, DC this year. And this being an election season, with the Conference just after the election, you KNOW it will be FUN! Last year's conference in New Orleans was fantastic, and I have no doubt there

NCSS-CUFA Call for Proposals

The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA) invite proposals for scholarship to be presented at its Annual Meeting, which will be held on November 30-December 2, 2016 in Washington, D.C. The theme of this year's conference is “Civic Learning and

Lastinger Teacher Fellows Program

Friends, I regret that this is late notice, but I hope that you will consider applying for the Lastinger Center's new Teacher Leader program. We need good, strong, engaged social studies and civics teachers to be heavily involved with this program. You can complete the interest survey by

Embracing Your Civic Privilege

"I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution."--Thomas Jefferson So today I have the distinct pleasure of sitting for jury duty. I say this without any snark whatsoever.

Resources for Community Engagement and Service Learning

Being a good citizen is about more than simply knowing some memorized facts that you can pull off of the Internet. It is, in many ways, also about being involved with your community and learning how to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of your

New Civics Certificate Program at UCF!

Well, we here at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship got some great news recently. Last year, I told you about our effort to create a civics certificate program for pre-service social studies teachers. Well, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the program here at UCF has been

Social Studies and the Young Learner Interest Survey

Our good friend Dr. Scott Waring, Program Coordinator and Associate Professor for the Social Science Education Program at the University of Central Florida, is the new editor for the National Council for the Social Studies' journal focusing on the teaching of social studies in the Pre-K-6 classroom, Social Studies

SOURCES Annual Conference

Good morning, civics friends. This post is just a reminder that the SOURCES Annual Conference, put on by Dr. Scott Waring here at UCF, is coming soon, and it is worth your time and energy to attend. I went last year, and it was simply fantastic. If you are looking

Making a Difference: The Broward Youth Policy Summit Expo

As you will recall from my last post, I was headed down to Broward County to see the great work being done there by the ESOL department within the district and by the Close Up Foundation. I am happy to say that it was a wonderful experience to see so

Civics in Action in Broward County!

So this past week, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Council of State Social Studies Specialists (CS4) meeting and the National Council for the Social Studies conference in New Orleans. While there, I had a great conversation with the good people from the Close Up Foundation. Close Up

Advocacy in Action Essay Contest!

Our colleague in Escambia, Cherie Arnette, sent this my way, and it fits so perfectly with the civic mission of schools and the work we do as a community in helping students grow into an engaged citizenship. The Center for Effective Government is sponsoring an 'Advocacy in Action'

Florida Women's History Month Essay Contest

So, as you can see from the flyer above, the Florida Commission on the Status of Women is sponsoring an essay contest for all Florida students in grades 6-9. It's a great opportunity for students to reflect on the role of women in the 21st century and what

A Bellringer to Teach Campaigns, Candidates, and Elections

It's always exciting when we can share ideas for teaching about important stuff, and today's suggestion was inspired by Cherie Arnette, the social studies supervisor for Escambia County (check out their civics review site!). She emailed us asking if we could come up with a bellringer

FJCC Webinar Interest Survey!

Friends, we need your help so that we may in turn provide YOU with what you desire. One of the goals here at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is to provide teachers and the community with the professional development and resources they desire. In pursuit of this goal, we

SOURCES Primary Source Conference Registration

Friends, it is time once again to alert you to a fantastic primary source driven conference that is held here at UCF. Dr. Scott Waring, Program Coordinator and Associate Professor for the Social Science Education Program at the University of Central Florida, is organizing his SOURCES conference, and I encourage

Lou Frey Institute 2015 Symposium

Well, good morning, friends in civics. It has been awhile, and we have some post backlog built up. I apologize for the delay in posting, but I have been on the road a great deal the past few weeks, including on civics item review (which will be a post of

Guest Post: The College Student as Engaged Citizen

One of the pleasures of working at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship is that we are housed in the environs of the Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government. Because the LFI is a part of the broader University of Central Florida community, it is available to students as

Civic Renewal Webinar!

Recently, Peter Levine and Eric Liu issued a report on the Civic Renewal Movement, which seeks to re-energize and re-engage the public in participation within the civic life of this country. The report discusses the leadership of the movement, the perspective of citizens, and ways in which the movement can

Constitution Day with the Kids and the Congressmen!

Congressman Gutknecht (R-Minn), Congressman Stallings (D-Idaho), Dr. Knuckey, Dr. Fine await the first question Today is, of course, Constitution Day. As part of the Lou Frey Institute's Constitution Day recognition, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a discussion involving two retired representatives: Congressman Richard Stallings (D-Idaho) and

Constitution Day!

Not that you necessarily need reminding, but don't forget that Thursday the 17th of September is Constitution Day! I will admit that I preferred when it was known as 'Citizenship Day', because we really do not, I think, do enough to recognize the importance of good

New Videos! Teaching Presidential Elections

One of the important relationships that the Lou Frey Institute and the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship have developed is with the Florida State Association of Supervisor of Elections. Recently, our own Dr. Terri Fine sat down with Bill Cowles, the Supervisor of Elections of Orange County, and Dr. Aubrey

Teaching the Constitution: The Joe Foss Institute

Today's post is a guest post from Audrey Mazzota, the Southeast Regional Coordinator for the Joe Foss Institute. She joins us this morning to discuss how the Joe Foss Institute can help you and your students grow in your understanding of American history and civics through the programs

A Resource from the DoD for Teaching the Constitution

Jennifer Auriemma of Liza Jackson Prep School in Fort Walton Beach Florida sends us this resource that you may find useful! I have taken a look myself and there is some good stuff here! Take a look! Constitution Day and Citizenship Day September 17, 2015 The U.S. Constitution has

Civics in Illinois: Activism into Legislation

Friends in Civics, it gives me great pleasure this morning to turn over this platform to Dr. Shawn Healy. Dr. Healy is the Chair of the Illinois Civic Mission Coalition, and he was a key player on the citizen-driven team that worked hard to pass legislation concerning civic education in

Upcoming Florida Council for the Social Studies Conference!

It's that time of year again! The Florida Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference is approaching, and now is the time to register for the event held from Oct 2-4 here in Orlando. As always, there will no doubt be sessions dedicated to areas across the social

ESEA Renewal: Action Needed To Support Social Studies!

Putting aside how one feels about the role of the federal government in public education, I think that we can agree that social studies must remain a priority in our schools. It is the first step students take down the path towards good citizenship, and it is vital to our

New 'Civics in a Snap' Elementary Lessons!

As we celebrate the relaunch of the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship website (seriously; we had balloons), I want to make sure that you are aware of brand new civics lessons that we have posted on the site. These lessons, which we are calling 'Civics in a Snap'

FJCC Website Relaunch!

Friends in Civics here and Florida and across the country, I just want to take a moment and let you know that the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship has just relaunched its website! We have attempted to make it easier to navigate, more user friendly, and more flexible on the

Know the Law Course in Manatee

This came across my desk recently from the NCSS Smartbrief. It seems that Manatee County has established a new course they are calling 'Know the Law'. This course will be for 7th grade (and some 9th grade) students, and as such, it will overlap with the Civics course

SSEC Upcoming Conference Opportunity!

Good afternoon, friends in Civics. I have been asked by our own colleagues Dr. Elizabeth Washington and Dr. Michael Berson to share the following conference opportunity with you. The Social Science Education Consortium is sponsoring an international conference in Berlin, and it may be an opportunity for you next summer

Florida CUFA October Conference Call for Proposals!

Good morning, friends in Civics and Social Studies. Dr. Scott Waring, who leads the new College and University Faculty Assembly branch of the Florida Council for the Social Studies, has asked me to share a call for proposals for the upcoming October conference. Please take the time to review the

Welcome Back! Resources for Civics Teachers

As we go into the new school year, I just want to take a few minutes and welcome folks back, and to welcome those that might be new to teaching civics here in Florida. This post will share with you some of the resources that are available for teaching civics

Are we teaching citizenship that matters?

Our own Dr. Terri Fine has shared her first column for the UCF Forum. In it, she raises an interesting question: have we in Florida actually learned citizenship, and what it means to live together, and to pursue justice, as citizens? Using the horrific Groveland Four case as a starting